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Never let me go;;

I didn't think I could give my heart away...it's always been returned;; damaged and broken;; most of the time without the reciept...but this time I gift wrapped it and put a bow on it.

I love you more than you'll ever imagine

-The L<3Ve Test-

First Describe Yourself
1-Name: Teresa
2-Age: 16
3-Grade: 11th
4-Birthday- Jan 4

1-Do you think its Possible to fall in love at a young age?
Age ain't nothing but a number...It's your maturity

2-Do you believe in love at first site? No not really

3-When do you think that right age to fall in love is? When you're ready to

4- Do you think love ends? True love never ends...if it does end then it wasn't truely love.

Opposite Sex
1- Whats the first thing you notice? How tall they are

2- Whats the hottest part of their bodies? Back

3- Hair style/color? Dark hair

4- Eye color? I love green eyes...but Alan has some of the prettiest brown eyes I've ever seen...they're like amber

5- Tall or short? Tall

6- For girls to boys: I need an arm to fluff...if I can't fluff your arm...that's too skinny

7- Boys to Girls: Skinny or a little bigger?

8- Fashion: Preppyish...has to be clean...cares about what he looks like

Hugs and Kisses

1- Do you remember your first kiss? Yes Unfortunatly

2- Would you rather be hugging or kissing? A wonderful hug beats a kiss...but kissing is great too!

3-Have you ever made out with someone? Yeah

4-Have you had sex? What do you think?

5-When do you think its right to have sex? When you know it wouldn't be right with ANYONE else...

6- Do you remember your first sex partner? It would be pretty sad if someone didn't

7-Cuddle or make out? Cuddle...and then making out...and some more cuddling...lol

1- Who was your first date? Nathan James Radimaker!

2- Is it ok to kiss on the first date? Yeah...ok call me a slut if you wish...but yeah

3- When should the bases start moving? when you fell like running

4- Girls: first car ride with an opposite sex to a date? Car ride?...hmm maybe homecoming freshman year with Tim...if that was a date? if not...then it would have to be with Josh to the bowling ally

5- Guys: first time picking up a girl from her house?

6- Most remembered car make out? When I first kissed Pat...omg...dumbest thing I've ever done...Never felt like such an idiot before. Actually it's really funny now.

Past Relationships
1-Have you ever been in love?
True love never ends...ask me that when I die

2-Are you sure? I think...lol

3-Who was your first relationship with? A REAL relationship that consisted with dates and seeing each other besides school...Josh

4- When was this? Jan 1 2003 12:36pm-June 6 2003 around 9 ish...Its really sad that I can remember that...just two VERY easy to remember dates...hmm

5- Has it ended? Yes

6- Were you in love with your past girlfriend/boyfriend:I thought so...but true love never ends...

7- Were they in love with you? "I knew I loved you once and a part of me will always" (or something like that) is what he wrote to me...so yeah I think he was

8- How long was your longest relationship? 5 months and 6 days...(but I'm about to break the record)

9- Have you had any other girlfriends/boyfriends? Yes

10- What was the best part about your previous partner? Which one? Josh? His potential...he puts his heart to the things he does...it's amazing...

11- How many boyfriends have you had? *thinks* There's a couple I don't know if I'd count...but if I counted the odd ones then it would be 8? But there's two I don't know if I'd count or not...one I didn't see but like twice...and the other was like for a day

Previous Relationships
1- Do you Have a boyfriend or Girlfriend? Why yes I do

2- Whats their name? Alan John Neuwirth

3- How long have you been together? 5 months tommorow

4- Are you in Love? with who? Yes, With Alan!

1- Do you want to be single? NO WAY!!!

2- Why? Because I am the happiest person alive right now. I love Alan more than anything in the whole entire world...why would I want to take that away?

3- Do you like someone? My baby!

4- Whats their name? Alan!!!

5- Whats the best part about being single: ehh..*thinks hard* no one's watching your every move and saything things like what will they think of that...I've always hated that. People aren't that nosey when they don't have anyone to gossip about you to.

Last ( with Opposite sexes)
1- Kiss:
Last night (alan)
2- Hug: Last night (alan)
3- Had sex: Last had sex? that doesn't even make since..I'm not answering that...
4- Held Hands : I'm sure I held his hand yesterday...
5- Cried: Wednesday night when I broke my butt!
6- Smile: not too long ago
7- Laugh: Blue collar tv...
8- Date: Tuesday? I don't know if that was a date...he paid...well, he bought me food last night...I don't know. I don't know if we go on actual "dates" they're dates to me
9- Spent the night with: wow...I don't spend the night much any where...ummm probally Alan

1- Have you ever cheated on a bf/gf? Yeah =-(

2- Have you ever been cheated on? I don't know...his heart was always with her...

3- Have you ever been involved with someone that had a gf or bf? umm no...

4- Do people with a bf/gf ever hit on you? Actualy yeah it's sad

5- If you were cheated on what would you do? I don't know...I've been through much much worse...I'd just have to get over it...it would hurt like hell though...I don't know what I would do

6- Have you ever been mistreated by an opposite sex? mistreated sexually, physically, and especially mentally

7- Have you ever been hit by an opposite sex? No acutally...not hit...

1- When was your last break up? March?
2- Did you call it off or did they? I did
3- Why? Because I was in love with someone else...
4- Did it hurt? Like hell...I didn't want to hurt him...
5- Have you cried over an opposite sex? Who hasen't?

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